The river Pliva is definitely one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe. Many fly fishing experts consider Pliva as top European water when it comes to grayling and trout fishing. One of the rare waters in Europe that remains gin-clear throughout the year, despite of weather conditions, and this is because there are no tributaries between the source of Pliva and lowland. It is a chalk river, ice cold, water temperature never exceeds 9 degrees Celsius. Beside its beauty, Pliva is also known to fisherman as a very demanding river, where fishing is done with long leaders & tippets, exceeding the 5m length. The gin-clear water requires that fishermen do their best to fish with precise imitation of natural insects. A gravely surface, with grass and weeds, Pliva provides excellent conditions for the insect life/ The average depth of Pliva is 1 to 1.5m, with the deepest part exceeding the 2m. The width of Pliva is between 5 and 20m, and the length of the LTG managed stretch is 6km. Pliva is rich in big grayling (specimen close to 60cm have been caught) and trout. The stretch is located near the town of Sipovo.

Fish Species
  • Grayling 60%
  • Brown Trout 40%
Water Length
  • Water Length 8km
  • Water Wide 10/35m
  • Water Depth 30-250cm
  • Catch and Release
  • One dry flies, nymphs or streamer
Fishing Season


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