Una belongs to the most beautiful rivers in Europe and is considered a pearl of Balkans. The mighty river arises in the National Park at the border area between Bosnia and Croatia. On its run, Una absorbs the waters of rivers Krka and Unac, and flows northly as a mighty river. Below Bihac, Una is rather deep, and in many places graylings and Danube Salmon are difficult to reach from the shore because the river has an immense dynamism. It is fast and often beyond 10 m deep. So, the best way to fish Una in and below the canyon is by boat. Fishing the river from the very narrow and breakable looking boats of the locals is possible, however it doesn't suit everyone. Many fishermen did not feel really safe while fishing and drifting with these unsafe floating devices, therefore the new Una Riverside Lodge that will open in March 2019 will address that by providing excellent boats for drifting the river and fishing the most famous pools of Una river. It is worth mentioning that the stretch from Martin Brod to Kulen Vakuf offers 25km of perfect flyfishing water, rich in trout and grayling, with wading being possible throughout its flow. In 2018, many huge trout between 70 to 85cm were caught in the flyfishing stretch. The width of Una goes from 20 to 60m.

Fish Species
  • Brown Trout 50%
  • Hucho 40%
  • Grayling 10%
Water Length
  • Water Length 40km
  • Water Wide 20/50m
  • Water Depth 50-650cm
  • Catch and Release
  • Spinning or Fly Fishing 
Fishing Season
  • 1 March - 1 Oct (Trout)
  • 1 March - 1 Oct (Grayling)
  • 1 Jun - 1 Feb (Hucho)


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