Although essentially a karst river, Gacka is extremely slow and quiet with a uniform flow of water. Apart from the uniform abundance of its source, Gacka is known for its stability and small temperature differences. The average annual water temperature is 9.4°C (7.9°C in winter, 10.8°C in summer), which is particularly suitable to the salmonid species. Gacka’s water is rich in oxygen (9.1 to 13.5 mg/l), even to supersaturated conditions. It is slightly alkaline as well as fairly hard and rich in calcium salts. The flora and fauna of Gacka River is very rich. The aquatic vegetations of mosses, algae and woody plants are lush due to favourable water temperature, good chemical composition and muddy bottom. Famous Gacka brown trout and rainbow trout are the main species of this river with an average width of 25m.

Fish Species
  • Brown Trout 60%
  • Rainbow Trout 40%
Water Length
  • Water Length 5km
  • Water Wide 10/20m
  • Water Depth 50-100cm
  • Catch and Release
  • One dry flies, nymphs or streamer
Fishing Season
  • 1 March - 1 Oct


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