Known as Grayling paradise, the most reputable chalk stream in the region, and even wider. This fly only water has an excellent reputation with regards to its fish population, very big trout and huge grayling. The whole river is well structured and the underwater vegetation is home to a million of insects of various species, with gammarus prevailing. The fish stock of Ribnik is excellent and consists primarily of graylings and brown trout, as well as of few rainbows. Among the grayling fans, Ribnik enjoys an excellent reputation, as fish exceeding 50 cm are caught there regularly. The lowest part of Ribnik is visited by Hucho from Sana river which enter Ribnik during spawning, as the river hardly shows any water level variations. Ribnik is fishable the whole year and provides with amazing Dry Fly fishing in winter. Definitel, Ribnik is the most famous river in Bosnia, wadable throughout its flow with an average width of 30m.

Fish Species
  • Grayling 80%
  • Brown Trout 20%
Water Length
  • Water Length 5km
  • Water Wide 20/25m
  • Water Depth 15-200cm
  • Catch and Release
  • Fly Fishing Only 
Fishing Season


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