A spring creek near Bosanska Krupa, very suitable for fly fishing. The first few hundred meters are defined as very fine spring creek of a water, while the rest is slowly moving and partially deep. The river is full of fish and benefits from a rich insect life. Nice trout, grayling and also Danube Salmon (Hucho) are the habitants of this lovely creek. The biggest part of the river is good for sight fishing, though worth mentioning that the lower parts with deep calm pools are recommended more for intermediate and advanced fishermen since fishing is quite challenging, but some trophy fish are abundant there. Huge trout are mainly caught on streamers, and HUCHO juveniles are often hooked on nymphs.

Fish Species
  • Grayling 60%
  • Brown Trout 30%
  • Rainbow Trout 10%
Water Length
  • Water Length 6km
  • Water Wide 10/30m
  • Water Depth 20-400cm
  • Catch and Release
  • One dry flies, nymphs or streamer
  • Fly fishing only
Fishing Season
  • 1 March - 1 Oct (Trout)
  • 1 March - 31 Dec (Grayling)


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